Mental wellness

I have been on vacation for the past 4 weeks with 2 more weeks to go before I return home.  My stay has been with my oldest daughter and her beloved, which has been very pleasant and a real eye opener for me as far as the changes that have taken place in my mind and attitude in the past two years. I learned some very disturbing information that made me question myself as a mother and just over all human being, but to my surprise I handled it with love, grace, and forgiveness. We all go through life with mistakes and bitterness that keeps us from enjoying life to its fullest.  I have had time to reflect on my mental state through this soul-searching time an I have come to the conclusion that lifestyle, diet, emotion, and connections make us who we are to become.  I had been sick for so long my physical and emotional state of mind were way out of balance.  I realized in order for me to help others heal and help my children I needed to b in tip-top shape.  Now that I’m almost there they can depend on me for anything they need. I truly want to be a good mother for them which I thought I had been, but now that I have realized I make mistakes can they begin to heal.  I will give them all the best years left that I have to give. Only this time I’ll be home and in my right mind.  Be healthy and make great choices with blessings from above.Image