Oh GMO is me…….

Well prop 37 failed, other than it showed us what companies have something to hide.  I was truly shocked to see some of these companies on the list of supporters that donated money to make sure prop 37 failed, but did it really fail.  I now know what companies I will start to boycott.

GMO‘s can not be good for us to consume as it is not a natural form of  food.  We as consumers have the right to know what is in our foods.  It worries me when I see such deception in companies I thought I could trust.  My health depends on my body being clean and free of toxins.  This can not happen if we are being lied to about whats in our food.  We really have to research companies and the ingredients they use.

The FDA and USDA are not your friends.  They lie to us about what is good for us to eat.  These two groups have no real purpose other than to lie to you.  This is one reason we stay sick and keep getting sicker day by day.  We trust everything they say about our foods and medicine.  Taking an active role in our health and lifestyle changes keeps them on their toes.  We must not let them keep giving us false information, but hold them accountable for their mistakes.  My facebook page or my herbal wisdom wellness page  has a list of companies and health information all the time.   Please feel free to look me up an subscribe.   Make healthy choices and blessings from above.