PTSD trauma or misguided past

I know we all have some form of PTSD, which can be very traumatic for everyone involved.  I sometimes think it has to do with not letting go of our past experiences.  It seems to me we hold on to the bad things that happen to us and file away the good times.  I remember my mother being very mean to us when we were children, but now r relationship has grown and we are very good friends.  She is definitely a better friend than she ever was a mother.  Due to her PTSD she could only be the best she new how to be at that time.  I know this effected the way I raised my children and for some of it I’m very sorry and hope my children forgive me, as I wish them only the best life has to offer.  I really wanna help those with PTSD as there is hope, healing, and help.  My website has anything u need to get fit and healthy. please visit and browse.  Everyone have a safe and happy 4th of July.  God Bless America n may ur journey b filled with blessings from above. Image