My daughter has PTSD which I have learned is very common in most people, it can be mild or very severe in most cases.  I have been working with her in many area’s of healing her mind body and soul.  A healthy diet is a very important part of this process along with other holistic therapies.

We started with her diet as she has been having trouble keeping food in her body, which makes it hard for her to heal the rest of her mind body and soul.  She is now drinking a vegan shake to give her more nutrition to heal, is a great place to start for a vegan shake full of protein.  Organic foods is a must when changing your lifestyle, as you need the nutrition to the heal ur mind body n soul.

I than took her to a sounder as being connected with your own sound is very important to your healing process.  Singing to yourself or just screaming can reconnect you to your mind body n soul.  It was a very rewarding experience for both of us as I have been a participant in her healing  process.  It is very important for one to heal relationships that have been a big part of your life.

I have also taken her to an herbalist as we are trying get her of the medication, which blocks the healing process.  I’m just to close to the situation to see clearly what she needs so in her best interest I’ve stepped aside and let some one else diagnose her needs.  All I have to offer is my support n love.

She has been outside her mind body n soul for a very long time n now that I have her reconnected to her being she is healing.  Her will to live is back n she is able to keep foods down whImageich helps the healing process.  I have learned so much in this journey with her n our relationship has grown so deep n full of love n understanding for one another.  I love all my children and will do anything to help n support them in their journey. Peace n Blessings from above n my your journey be filled with healing.