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I can help as I’m certified in may different area’s of health and wellness, please take a minute to view my website.  Start making healthier choices.



My Journey

Well in april it will be three years since I started to lose weight.  It’s been one heck of a journey with a loss over 200 lbs.  My journey has not been easy, but I would imagine it’s not easy for anyone needing to lose that much weight.  The point is it can be done with hard work, and better lifestyle choices.  Good results are not easy to come by in any walk of life.  Good grades in school equal lots of studying, raising wonderful functioning children takes time and effort, and just being a good human being takes concentration.  So loosing weight is just another way of getting good results from hard work.  My progress has been amazing with 50 lbs to go before I reach my ideal weight.  We have a serious problem in this country with obesity which has been passed down to our children.  It’s a sad day when our future is doomed.  Good health is the source to a great lifestyle free from disease and pain.  When you feel good about yourself the environment around you blooms with color and love.  Our lives impact the world around us, so don’t waste your time being unhealthy or unhappy.  Make the change today.  This is the end of chapter one for me, take back your life with healthier choices and Blessings from above. Picture taken January 22, 2013 life is grand.Image


Chapter one of the New Year

It’s time to add another chapter to our lives a we begin a New Year.  Our choices will define the footprints we leave behind for others to follow.  Stop and reflect on the choices u make this year with kindness and joy.  Your health is so important when making these choices.  Many of us are blessed with great health, while others sustain mediocre lifestyles, and then there are those who care little or nothing at all about their choices towards optimum health.  Your body is a wonderful machine that needs to be maintained like your car, garden, or home in order to get the best long-term performance or use.  We can all make small changes to better our lives with little or no trouble at all. We can start by adding more water which i an important pat of the bodies working order.  Use lemon juice an a pinch of baking soda to help alkaline your body.  Keeping your ph between 6.8 and 7.0 is the course to a healthy system.  Try using real foods like sea salt, raw honey and distilled water.  Drink more herbal tea‘s and less soda.  Raw foods give the body nutrition along with more 100% organic foods, and eat less fast food.  These changes can be made slowly depending on your health issues.  The main idea is to start and make those lifestyle changes today.  I know this won’t be easy for some of you, but it wasn’t easy for me either. three years ago my health was failing with no hope insight, according to the doctors, but I took those first steps, which were baby steps and now I’m here in 2013 a slimmer much healthier person.  I still have 50 lbs to go and lots of toning to do, but I feel better and my goal is in sight.  If I would have listened to those doctors I would probably be very ill or even dead now. The only one I trust to make healthy choices for me is me, myself,  and I.  You must be an active part in who you want to be in life. Lifestyle defines who you are and how you will be remembered.  I will leave a link to my website when you are ready to start those changes.  Blessings from above and make healthy choices.  http://www.herbalwisdomwellness.weebly.comImage