Heat of the moment

I heard a true story this weekend and you can google it.  A man who was deaf, blind and bald was caught in a rain storm with his dog.  He tried to get back to his home by swinging his cane around above his head which was struck by lighting.  When he awoke at home in his bed he had partial hearing and sigh.  A few months later things gt even better and hair was growing on his head.  the strike had jump started his circulatory system which is a major problem for most people.  The 2 reasons for disease are poor circulation or malnutrition.  there are other thing that can be done to correct these problems, diet is one easy thing to do.  Cayenne in liquid form is another easy way to solve these problems.  Celtic Sea Salt is the way to re-mineralize your body along with good organic foods and distilled water.  Make good choices and Blessing from above ❤