dentist or doctor………I wonder is there a difference

So yesterday I had an encounter with my sons dentist on health, which confused me, because is he really qualified to give me that kind of advice.  Let me start from the beginning, my youngest son had bone graphing done on his upper gums this last May.  We were very skeptical as to whether it would even take, but I have been very vigilant with my herbal remedies.  When the surgery was first done I let him use their pain medications at 1/2 dose, because I know how bad this was for him but I can detox the side effects.  He did very well with both treatments, so we have continued the herbal and stopped the medicines.  The doctor gives him a clean bill of health each time we go for his check up.  The last visit we had to tell the dentist he was allergic to the mouth wash he had him using as he broke out in hives from head to toe which made him very uncomfortable. The dentist tried to insist this was impossible and wanted to blame it on food allergies, but we eat organic and that’s just not going to happen.  The dentist also wanted us to use a tooth paste which I informed him we don’t use anymore. He was very condescending to me and told me I was being difficult.   So I’m difficult if I don’t follow their methods, interesting concept.  I’m thinking your being difficult because you are trying to force me into believing what you think is true.  He told me I could use baking soda and salt (celtic sea salt) to brush his teeth .   He  asked me “why we don’t use tooth paste,”. I began to tell him we don’t use fluoride. He said, “oh this is what I have done much research on and the truth is its very good for your bones and over all health.” I just agreed because my son was getting frustrated with the conversation.  Anyway not sure what makes him a specialist on our health, but I think he needs to stick to teeth.  We will continue to do it our way and not be bullied by his scare tactic’s.  We must take a stand for our right to choose the kinda of things we want to put in our bodies.  Make healthy choices and Blessings from above.


A friend in need……..detoxing on a small scale


So I have these friends named Fred and Betty, we’re changing their names as to keep their health issues private.  One day Betty came too me and asked if there was anything I could do to help Fred.  I than began my process of elimination which was made easy with some of the doctor’s diagnosis.  Fred had a small tumor on one kidney and stones in the other one,  I really didn’t need to know which was which as I knew how to correct this problem.  Fred also told me that the doctors had removed part of one of his kidney’s because of another tumor and didn’t want to do that again as this was their solution for his tumor the second time also.  He never once changed his diet, continued to smoke and still indulged in alcohol.  We added full strength cayenne 5 times a day and 16 oz of water with 2 tbsp of lemon juice and a pinch of baking soda.  This regimen continued  for bout 9 months, with great success.  Fred went to the doctor last week and got a clean bill of health no more tumor and his stones are all gone.  Fred continues his treatment so he does not get any more tumors or stones.  I will be posting X-rays as soon as I get them.  I have a few success stories, which I will be posting with comments from each client.  Things do not have to change on a big scale to have results with detoxifing ones body.  We addressed the issue by giving Fred the freedom to make his own choice.  He did not want to do surgery again and we made that happen for him.  you to can detox slowly with no sudden side effects.  Fred had a few days were he felt sick but nothing we couldn’t handle.  I thank God everyday for guidance and my gift,  an will continue to help those in need.  Make healthy choices and Blessings from above.


Detoxing your body

We fill our bodies with so much poison these days.  Our bodies can only take so much before it starts to react to the abuse we do .  along with eating organic raw foods we must help our internal organs by cleansing them .  Many of the so-called “cleanses” don’t do the job need to get the internal organs working properly.  There is restriction put on these products by the FDA which make them weak and they do not deliver the quality needed too cleanse your body.  One should start with the colon before cleansing any other part of your system.   If you are not having regular bowel movements,  regular meaning every time you eat, you are not regular.  So when I started cleansing I used the master cleanse, which worked very well 4 me.   I  start off slow as not to throw my  body into shock.  When I start releasing toxins I feel bad inside and out.   When I get to this stage I  stop the cleanse and fill my body with organic raw foods.   I also drink lots of distilled water to flush all the toxins my body has just released.  When I start feeling better I start the cleanse again repeating the directions till my body is releasing waste as described above.  So don’t be afraid to take the cleansing slow because the shape you are in did not happen over night.  Make healthy choices and Blessings from above.

Healthcare………are you kidding me


My journey has been long with many learning experiences.   My favorite’s are herbal and healing ventures, which span from family, friends, clients and of course myself.  My most recent attempt was the shedding of a whole person.  Yes, that’s right I said a whole person.  to date I have lost a total of 200 lbs and 20 inches.  I have gone from a size 4X to a large.  My goal weight is 135 and that leaves me about 70 lbs to go.  My story begins in April 2010 when I woke up unable to breathe.  I had trouble for a few days but didn’t want to go to the doctor.  My son,  Seann had been by my side for those few days to help as I saw fit.  It wasn’t till later that I realized just how worried he was about my condition.  We decided to go to my ob/gyn as he had given me some medicine to help with some female problems I was having then.  when I arrived there they directed me straight to the hospital where I was admitted and transferred to a bigger hospital that could handle my condition.  They told me I was having a heart attack or stroke, which I knew was a lie because I consume way to much cayenne for either of those things to happen to me, even in the large state I was in then.  I was nearly 400 lbs  when my body started to show symptoms of my life time of abuse.  When I reached the other hospital the ER doctor asked me “how long have u been on blood thinners,” and I replied,” never”.   She said my INR levels were a 2.1 which is the level they try n keep u on when you are on blood thinners.  I told her the only thing I use as a blood thinner was “CAYENNE”, and said that’s impossible things like that do not work.  Well I say bull, because that’s all I had ever done up to that time in my life.  So now they hook me up to all kinds of drugs and a blood thinner when my blood was already to thin naturally, and I was having severe hemorrhaging  from my already present female problems.   I was a total nightmare and I wanted out, but I needed their test to show me what was going on inside my body.   I had blood test after blood test, MRI several ultra-sounds and EKG‘s.  I was injected with all kinds of medicines and kept pretty doped up for 3 days, plus given 3 different blood thinners, which was already thinner than normal.  I was glad my mom was there by my side as she help keep things straight.  I finally stopped being in pain after all the morphine and made them stop the medicine completely, which didn’t make them too happy.  I continued my cayenne and other herbs while I was in the hospital.  My doctor wanted me to do rehab for 10 days which was utterly ridiculous, but I wound up doing 5 of the 10.  The whole time I was in the care of these doctors I refused to take their medicines.  Their response to me was you will die without this medication.  I told them we are all going to die but its my choice by who’s hand I die.  They didn’t think that was to funny so they sent in a psychiatrist  to speak with me and do you know he tried to prescribe me “PAXEL”, what a joke.  You know if I would have believed all their lies I would b on nine medications when I was on none to begin with, crazy right.  ‘m glad it happened this way because I know have the strength to say NO to any doctor and make him show me the proof.  I also found out later that it was my kidney stone that were causing me so much pain and that condition was never addressed once when I was in the hospital, which was the problem all along.   I can not believe it is that important for these doctors to create illness for people instead of being honest. The medicine is the wrong way to heal our bodies and I will never trust these people again.  Its been 2 yrs & 3 months since this little incident.  My health has improved better than I ever imagined, still no medicine.   I’m 56 yrs young feeling younger and younger everyday.  Please don’t buy into their scare tactic because it’s your body and you have the last say.  Be strong and know there are other ways too heal your body.  Make healthy choices and Blessings from above.


healthcare…… this a real word ?


so I was having a conversation bout our healthcare system n realized the word HEAL is at the beginning of this word. Sad too say it is definitely left out of any care we get from so-called doctors. I just don’t get the way everyone keeps trusting them with their health. Haven’t we learned that we as a nation are not getting better and they don’t want us too. I’m 55 yrs young and I will never trust or be led into believing they care because it is all about money for them no healing involved. This really saddens me to think they don’t really care plus makes me so angry to watch people aimlessly wander back into these offices and repeat the same mistakes every week. We have to stop the medicine, which by the way is a great book, want your eye’s opened read it. We personally must say no and force conventional medicine to listen too what we want for our bodies, because let me tell you something the doctors just guess at whats wrong with you. it is a process of elimination for them too. So to think they no it all, well your wrong. You know your body better than anyone and know one can tell you how you feel. Your body is an amazing machine and must be taken care of properly just like your car or any machine you depend on to survive. When I got sick 2 years ago it was my body telling me I needed too slow down and begin taken better care of myself. Always helped everyone else but neglected my own needs. I have changed all that and I’m feeling great. I have a few more things to do as far as healing goes but been abusing this body a long time. We need to remember that we are the only ones who can heal our bodies. Next time you visit the doctor don’ t be afraid to ask question or even tell them NO I don’t want to do that or take that medicine because side effects do matter. Make healthy choice’s and Blessings from above.




ImageI am new at this so bear with me as I begin my bio.  I grow up in a small town called simi valley. I lived here till I was 28 yrs old.  I than had my first child ember who one of the lights of my life and I than had three more children.  Sindel, Jesse and Seann.  They all fill my life with purpose.  We moved to the Antelope Valley we’re we have chosen too live off the grid and teach our children too respect life and what we have been blessed with as a family.  I than decided to learn more about alternative medicine which I took too instantly.  I have raised my family on  the belief you are what u eat and put in your body.  I’m total proof of this lifestyle n I am willing to share my story.  my education started when my mother-in-law died from the neglect and over dose of medicines she was provided from so-called Doctors and healthcare professionals.  I knew there had to be a better way to be healthy.  My mom had instilled the basic’s in us when we were young so I just started with that knowledge.  I have since studied and been certified in many area’s of holistic therapy, which I will cover in future blogs.  I also adopted 2 more boys along the way so I actually have 6 wonderful children.. I want to thank them for being my Guinea pigs when I needed to try my tinctures and remedies.I have been in the field of holistic remedies since 1994 and continue my education daily.  I am truly n educator and have changed our lifestyles since 1994.  I am proud too say we our 95% organic.  We never use the doctors anymore and I treat my whole family with herbal remedies  I have had my health problems and have taken care of them all naturally.  I am a 55 yr young holistic practitioner.  I could never of imagined that my journey would have taken me down this path.  The path I follow is my destiny, therefore follow along as I blog my way through the lifestyle changes that have worked for clients, family, friends and myself. Hope everyone who reads my blog come away with something they can use to heal their lives and bodies.  Make healthy choices and Blessings from above.